HOW TO FIND BEST WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY FOR YOUR PROJECT? Indeed a worth point to consider. The world by far, is moving to a new shift. The old business concepts are literally failing to claim the famous saying- OLD IS GOLD. As the psychology of customers are changing, so you need to focus on the changing demands of the customers. 11 Years back, until Indiaplaza knocked our door with a ever new idea of online shopping, nobody thought that shopping can be done online!! Well, look around you now! If it is raining and I need to go to a nearby shop for a Gillette, well, my beards will wait till tomorrow when amazon or flipkart will knock my door to wish me good-morning. Now I am Happy!!! I will be back after a shave. Ever wondered what your neighbor-shop is doing the whole day with a very less customers visiting the store? Have you ever wondered how they are surviving in this competitive market without customers? Well, the answer may be they shifted their business model to online. Most of their business is not on the store front but from his warehouse. What we are trying to say, is there is a hard time ahead, and therefore, the one who takes the benefit of current, flows effortlessly. Its high time to turn your business online. and this article is about to help you decide HOW TO FIND BEST WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY FOR YOUR PROJECT.

Its high time to turn your business online.

Launching your personal business online is one the best marketing strategy that will help you to generate leads and revenue for your business online. But first, you need to select the best website development company for your business. Because this will help you to develop a perfect online platform to boost your business.

So,the million dollar question is, HOW TO FIND BEST WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY FOR YOUR PROJECT? Well, lets be honest and dig out some key points that you should keep in mind while searching for best website development company for your business.


Really! Choosing best website development firm is’nt something ONE SIZE FITS ALL.


First Google out some nearby website development company. You may even talk to pals around you who might come up with some reference. Reference is very important. When somebody refer you of a firm, it might have some weight. ask him why does he recommend the firm to you? Keep the firm in consideration but hold on! don’t finalize now. There’s lot more to look for..

Social Media Presence

A moderate to strong social media presence is good indicator for a good web development company. Many web development agencies have strong social media presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, TwitterLinkedin and Instagram where they are sharing their projects, services and marketing their company. Some Website development companies use other social media platforms like Behance or Pinterest which are very specific to creative works. Go through their profile again and again.
Social Media Presence is crucial

Visit their website

Start visiting the companies website. Look at the type of work they have done previously. Some relatively new companies may be extraordinarily good at their work – you never know! but may be they don’t have huge portfolio. Therefore, don’t give a huge stress on this. Remember, having a huge portfolio is good but not very much essential unless your project is Mission Critical.

Sort out some companies

Now that you have an initial survey, you are ready to shortlist some companies. Don’t shred out small companies or startups. Start calling each of them. Keep a note book. Try to feel the experience of talking to them. Keep note of the gist of what they said after the discussion of your project. Try to feel the experience of the firm in the field of your project.

Background Survey

So, as of now you have a sorted list of firms in your mind. When you are choosing the website development company for your business, now you need to check how they are interacting or communicating with their clients. Besides, try to find out some client of these companies of past or even present & meet with them. Are they satisfied with their work and communication? Also try to communicate with the company how they are behaving while discussing projects. If their service, after sales track of behavior and communication with their clients are good, give them a bonus point in your mind.
After Sales Service is all that should be given weight to

Knowledge & Expertise

To cater your project efficiently, the website development firm must have folks who are well knowledge and have expertise in handling the project. But what if you are novice? Or what if you don’t have any idea what they are saying? And you feel that may be they are not making any sense to you? Simple enough! you can take help of someone who might have some knowledge in the field or some IT fellow of your confidence. Besides, normally when you talk to a professional, just like a physician, they make you comfortable and explain all the small details in such a way that should be lucid enough to be understood by even a layman. That’s where you pick the notch. It starts giving you some positive vibes.

Discuss Budget

Now every job is paid. That’s what a profession chain is – Right? So, Now it is the high time – Discussing the Budget. while discussing the budget, keep in mind don’t force your bargain to tight. Normally every website development firm understand that it is a highly competitive market and they know what is rightful to ask for.

Lets take an example, Website Development Company A offers your project budget to be 50,000, where as Website Development Company B offers your project to be 40,000. Now considering all parameters are equal, the Website Development Company A offers you a 3 (Three) Years hosting service where as Company B is offering you 1 (One)Year Hosting. Eventually it turns out to be unjustified 10000 more in case you move with the offer of Company A, but, in long run its going to give you prolonged peace of mind! (From our Experience!)
Budget vs Quality – Three Legged Stool Model

So, When you push your bargain too much, its quite obvious, some features have to be compromised. A good website development firm will discuss with you, honestly, what gets compromised and what doesn’t. Don’t be too rude on a firm just because somebody else gave you lower quotation. Rather, try to find out what is their justification of their own quotation. Ask them honestly why their quotation is higher than what you got from others. Besides, don’t hide quotations of one from another. Don’t speak in a duality. So, be straight forward. Be polite. Let everybody get a fair chance to clarify their claim. After all, its your business. You will never want to compromise for some penny.

Conclusive note

After going through this article, we expect you have enough clarification on how to find best website development company for your business or project. One last word, choose wisely and rely on the website development company of your choice. Maintain good relationship with the company as they are your service provider. Always remember, mutual respect and responsive relationship can melt down a lot of complicated hurdles that might come in your way. At Tranzcode Technologies, we always have focused on client relationship. We personally cannot remember of one such client whom we had bitter relation with regarding services or project development. Keep commenting if we have missed any point. May be we will learn more from you. after all, clients are the real-time mentors for a firm. We grow experienced by sharing and gathering resources from our clients. Thanks for bearing with us. To discuss a project with our team Click Here

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