5 Step guide to upgrade your business to Online & increase earnings & revenue

It’s hard to believe that in 2020, with the web over 25 years old, there are still some businesses that aren’t online or there are some who barely seem to make an effort towards it. Some looks into this expenditure as bad investment. Some don’t see any potential customer base. While some still considering the options, what we are overlooking is It’s crucial that you don’t let yourself fall behind by not upgrading your business to online. People are searching for local and small businesses – just like yours – online. If they can’t find you easily, you’re missing out on these customers – it’s like having a “Closed” sign on your door when customers show up. Especially at this specific pandemic situation and in coming days when people will be adapted to a whole new shopping practice when they levitate out of this lock down. Here are some things every business should do to build their online presence. We have created a 5 Step guide to upgrade your business to Online & increase earnings & revenue amidst lock down & later.

this image depicts the changed behaviour of customers as the will incline towards online shopping, Business without online presence will be loosing out profitable customers in comming days, so, its not late to upgrade your business to Online.

Step 1-  Build your business websitea step forward towards upgrading the business to online

Many businesses start off line. With time, it starts its web appearance with a simple presence on a Facebook business page or an listing site — and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just important to realize that you don’t have total control over those platforms and you’ll likely be limited in terms of what you can do there. Plus, most ecommerce marketplace sites take a cut of your sales.

As such, you might want to expand your digital footprint to include a number of important elements.

Custom domain name. Your domain name is the heart of your business’s unique address on the web. What you want yoir business to be called? Suppose you want a website for your Home based Bakery. Name it  or In a nutshell, it should tell people who you are and what you have to offer at a glance, direct them to your website, and help protect and promote your brand.

Website. Now that you have started reading this article on how to upgrade your business to Online, you should before all understand that your website is your business’s online home. It’s where you tell your story, showcase products and services, and start to establish credibility and expand your reach. Its like your online signatory presence. Its your identity, its your brand pride. It gives people feeling of the trust and reliability they are expecting from you. What is your purpose in the business with your website? – to inform? To inspire? To generate sales leads? To give support to your customers online? Or you want to actually sell products or services? It can do whatever you want.

Most website development company like us offer custom domain name tailored for you along with website development service package at a handsome cheap price unless you have your own preexisting one and it is suitable as per out technical requirement. Visit our Website for detail on how we can help you building your online presence or upgrade your business to Online. Drop your requirement here.

Step 2-  Make sure you are found on Google Search

Well congratulations on your new website. I am sure it’s pretty awesome and moreover your website is very informative. Building a website is not all that you need to bring your business online. Now that you already have an awesome website what if you are not found on google search? People looking for the service or product that you sale on internet and gets search result where you are not listed. You basically are loosing potential customers. You are loosing the grab of customers who can fetch you a huge profit as they are your local. The main feature of search engines like google or yahoo or bing are they tend and try to give localized search result. So in such a very competitive market a big bite of your revenue is gone.

A good website thus should have a very good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Good SEO will ensure that your site is best understood by the search engines and thus appreciation by the engines. Result is you are everywhere on the search results-First Page – Top Positions (FPTP). As a result when people search for products or service you cater and they are brought to your site. Only a good SEO on your website can embed this powerful tool in your website. That’s the reason why we have ranked SEO as first priority just after having a Website.

this image shows location based google search result. upgrade your business to Online

The main feature of search engines like google or yahoo or bing are they tend and try to give localized search result. This search was made from Siliguri, hence the result.

Why stress on Google search?

Probably, you know the answer in very simple word. Because you, me and most of the people around us use either google search or chrome browser or Mozilla firefox browser. In every one of these google search is the default engine. So, where will your search query go? Now let’s be more informative. Let’s look at some statistics.

  1. 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. (SEO Tribunal)
  2. 93% of all online experiences begin on a search engine. (Search Engine Journal)
  3. Google remains the biggest search engine, handling over 72% of all searches made. (NetMarketShare)  
  4.  Google now processes at least 2 trillion searches per year. (Search Engine Land)
This image shows the comparison between various Search engines and their market share based on search results the threw in last one year. upgrade your business to Online
Google out performs all other search engines( May-2019 to April-2020 ) | [Source:]

Now, we ask you, are you sure enough about how your site is dealing with SEO? If not? Why don’t you consider it? Perhaps no time is late enough to start taking a bold step. At tranzcode we desperately do SEO on every small to large website projects. We believe if our clients are fetching good profit from our work, we are rewarded in turn. Look at some of these results

Step 3 – Update Website Regularly

Let’s start with a fascinating statistics. published an article where they pointed towards a fascinating and surprising fact. Only 38% of the websites publish content consistently. 36% of the websites publish content monthly. No need to mention rest are at even worse status.

This infographic shows how frequently people update and upgrade their contents.upgrade your business to Online
Graph – How Often Do Small Businesses Publish Content on Their Websites?

As a rule of thumb your website should get a update every three to four days interval or five updates in a fortnight or even seven to eight updates a month will work fine.

Now, that you have done upgrade your business to Online, the million dollar question is what should you update? May be your product price has changed. Update it instantly. May be new product is in your warehouse. Go fetch a good photograph and update its small details and list it on your site ASAP. Write something about the business trends and share it on your site or give more valuable knowledge and tips to choose products wisely. Write an article how to decide on choosing from multiple models the best suitable option. Be very honest while suggesting or writing articles. Creating Blog posts is an excellent idea which can keep your site updated. Even keep updating old articles with new add-ons or deletion. Updating your site regularly also increase a chance to do more justice towards our previous Step 2.

Step 4 – Build strategy for Digital Marketing

Today social media platform is a very good place to be visible with your online presence. Everybody is equipped with a smart phone or on the internet. You can reach millions of potential customers with effective digital marketing. For a successful digital marketing, you need a plan. You need to make strategies that will do your job. While making a good strategy for digital marketing you should consider the following points.

  1. Build your buyer personas.
  2. Identify your goals and the digital marketing tools you’ll need.
  3. Evaluate your existing digital channels and assets at regular interval.
  4. Audit and plan your owned media campaigns that are already running.
  5. Identify your goals and the right digital marketing platform

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have a registered pet store. Building your buyer persona requires a survey. Before deciding to buy a costly pet, you can post various images of those pets and take note how people in your area respond to those posts. Now how do you decide how to promote that pictures? Well with time you can grow your own sense or can depend on specialists who can do it for you and fetch you great statistics in no time. Now once you have understood what your potential buyer circle thinks about those pet, you can actually go for buying them and start actual digital marketing of the bought pet. This small step can save you from future embarrassment. As your new pet will be sold in no time! Why? Because your audience demanded for it. You knew it well ahead what would be saleable.

The above was just a use case scenario and we understand its not so easy. But trust us, with very good digital marketing strategy, you can successfully do business with less effort.

At tranzcode, we are passionate about doing good digital marketing for our clients. We really enjoy watching how our clients are benefiting from our knowledge in action. Contact Us with your purpose to Know More how we can delight you. We encourage you again – upgrade your business to Online.

Step 5 – Repeat from Step 2 to Step 4 at regular short intervals

Yes! That’s the Step 5. Keep revolving around the circle.


Did all of these sounded very hard to do by yourself? Well its indeed a bit hard to keep track all by yourself but with time you can earn expertise doing them. Nothing is impossible in this world. You are the key to the lock that keeps your business stagnant. Open it with your own innovative ideas and push yourself to upgrade your business to Online. If you need help, we will be always by your side. Contact us for any assistance. We will be glad to help you. At Tranzcode Technologies, we love helping people with new business ideas. Its would be our privilege to help you with upgrading your business to online platform. We would be happy to be hired for your next business renovation.

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